WHO Printing is a dynamic Newcastle based print group that is 100% Australian family owned and operated. We provide quality ISO certified offset printing, high-speed digital printing, innovative graphic design and superior finishing.

Green Printing

WHO Printing is dedicated to producing the highest quality work whilst creating a sustainable future for our family and yours. We work to conserve the environment in which we operate through intelligent and environmentally responsible practices and processes.

We continually investigate new methods in order to constantly reduce our impact on the environment. This commitment is demonstrated by:

  • Choosing carbon neutral and recycled papers
  • Using vegetable and soy based inks
  • Recycling paper, packaging, printing plates and timber pallets
  • Limiting press and prepress chemicals and water use
  • Reviewing strategies to prevent pollution
  • Providing appropriate training for staff
  • Complying with legislation
  • Monitoring and regulating noise and dust emissions.

Recently we have proudly installed an 80Kw solar system that is reducing our power consumption by 30%. This installation goes a long way to achieve our goal of environmental sustainability.



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